Friday, January 6, 2017

Completing the 81 List - Final Province: Dinagat Islands

Completing the 81 List - Final Province: Dinagat Islands

Completing the 81 visited provinces took me many years. Due to schedule and priorities, I was able to do it by mixing my travels with my regular or irregular work. 

Anyway, my girlfriend and I arrived in Surigao City after spending time with family for the holidays (Christmas and New Years).

We booked at Bohol Travellers Inn at the nearest corner of Borromeo and San Nicolas Streets. We took the 12 hour space rent for the needed rest and shower. Im from Negros Occidental and shes from Misamis Oriental, we need that little pampering. Space is affordable and no hot/cold bath. For P599.00 uiu got this room for 12 hours.

Ok, wake up early for the boat ride at Pier Dos, so not mistook it with the expensive looking port.

Pier Dos

Travel time will take you 1 up to 1.5 hours. P100.00 fare.

Habal2 is P10 within Poblacion, best to talk to locals just do not be too gullible. Place is known to be safe, well everybody knows everybody.

We went to DOT and asked for any within the range day tour. Took a while for them to arrive.
Provincial Toru Guide Mark Acain . Helpful

With Dinagat Toursim Officer Danilo C. Bulabos
People are generally peaceful and food is inexpensive.

Tip for backpackers: buy seafood at the market, have it grilled at the nearby grill and go, then go to the nearest Silogan (frid rice and egg) - saves you up from cleaning plates. Hahahaha

Tapsilog is P50 as we speak
Special Goto is P40.

1500 - 2000 boat improvise roofing max 4 person look for others who wants to tag along. This is just around Basilisa.

If you need a bigger boat and more places to go to that can easily be transact through the tourism office. Tip: If you plan ahead, have it posted as an event so you can find a tag along buddies to leasen the financial burden of boat rentals.

Enjoy people.

With my Pinalangga...