Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Negros Organic Festival 2013

Negros Organic Festival

Negros Occidental have gone a long way to promote wellness and living a testament of what good life is about. This is all due to one fact and need - Negros needs to do away from being a Monocrop Economy. That is why Negros is Sugar and most definitely More...

Together with Negros Oriental, the Island is starting to flex its muscle. Something very familiar is brewing in Negros, something that once dominated by Sugar is starting to show its color.

Enhancing the base economy which is Agriculture, diversification is just one key to ensure sustainability. Other key players are plenty. You have the Biomass, Solar, Wind, and Hydro for Energy. Geothermal Energy has been around Negros Island it is renewable, but Negrense being a people who learned from its Sugar Industry that destroying the Forest is like killing yourself - the Negrense is more sensitive to what is left of the once very flourishing heritage of flora and fauna. Though the island have several Volcanoes, Negrense cannot afford to destroy the remainder of what is left. It is non-negotiable.

This very Forest Cover is essential to maintain the watershed that supplies water to the irrigation system and river systems of Negros. Systems that is essential to water use from drinking water to water utilization for industries. The forest cover is also essential to maintain pristine water habitats which became the basis of the Province of Negros Occidental Eco-Tourism and Agri-Tourism initiatives.

I will be posting the photo's later..