Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Beauty of Silay - Blast from the Past with Outlook for the Future.

The Beauty of Silay - Blast from the Past with Outlook for the Future.

If you think of Haciendas and the Old School Forbes Park. That is going to be Silay City. If there is one best Conservation Effort, thats going to be Silay - nowhere else in Western Visayas have preserved so much of its Heritage than Silay City.

Silay City will give you the very essence of the once mighty Sugar Industry and the realization of Preserving the Old to give way of a new City Proper. Bitter Sweet realities. 

Silay City is overwhelmingly adaptive. The City is aware of its treasures, and the contributions to the Society. History have shown that the affluent was able to bring Music, Fine Arts, Architecture, Literature, Mass Media, etc. These are all provided by this very proud city. It is proud of what it becomes and proud of its sons and daughters.

I have few wishes, I hope the people of Silay would rebuild their Plaza Back to its Glory. I hope this would materialize. 

Another wish is, I hope they would consider the Leandro Locsin creation for the Expansion of the Bacolod-Silay International Airport Terminal. The design is a Japanese Tourist Drawer. Japanese and Architects all over the World would love to see this built again. This time to be incorporated to out Existing Terminal.

When someone would like to go to Silay it is P15 from Bacolod North Terminal.

Here are the pictures from my last visit.