Wednesday, April 9, 2014

No. 825 EAST Cafe and Restaurant - Good Food Digging

No. 825 East Cafe

Hey another food somewhere in the Metro is providing a nice Chill-out place for you and your buddies tummies. Located at the Second Floor of Hi - Strip 5, across Panasiatic Bacolod.

The food they serve are great and I got the chance to taste it all...

Now this Cafe is a good place for any BACKPACKER or any GOOD FOOD LOVERS out there who wants to visit the City of Smiles and want to have some good old comfort food that these owners prepared for a very affordable price. I dont want to sound rip off, but seriously the food is really good. 

Now for starters here are the foods they serve the bunch during the blessing.

Let the pictures tell is own story...



Lumpia Shanghai Rolls

Well you know what this is - Choco Chip Cookie.

I forgot her name, but this beautiful lady loves to pose.

The Partners in Crime!!! From Left: Ping, Den, and Bogs

Sweet and Sour Pork

Best tasting Barbeque EVER!!! Until the next best lands my tongue...

Healthy Bruschetta!!!

Lovely Cheeks these Bruschetta can give..

The whole resto in my plate.. All I can say is BURP!!!

Hey Look!!! Former First Lady Ming Ramos... Kidding thats Pings MOM..

Okay seriously, Arent they all look Healthy???

Look at those Prices!!!  Are they not enough to say, TRY ME???

More food options to be served SOOON!!! Take it or Eat it!!!