Monday, August 22, 2016

Surigao Del Sur - Surigao Del SOAR and Surigao Del SURF

Surigao Del Sur - Surigao Del SOAR and Surigao Del SURF

Surigao Del Sur is a quaint province located at the eastern seaboard of Mindanao Island. This province have all it takes to jump as another Tourism Hot-spot. The coastline is bound with Ridge to Reef wonders from surfing sites, to natural pools at the sea, to majestic waterfalls, forest laden mountains, and scenic views.

An example below is a Heritage House at the Municipality of Lanuza.

Below is the Scenic View of Lanuza Bay.

Below is Cagwait Beach, Municipality of Cagwait.

A Beautiful Smile reminds me of Home... From Municipality of Bayabas

Below is Cabugo Cove, Municipality of Bayabas

Below are just some of the Islets of Brgy Britania, Municipality of San Agustin

I will Update more Soon.

SDS is:

Sun, Dive, and Swim

Sip, Dine, and Splurge

Sleep, Dream, and Sunrise

Surf, Drift, and Skim

More to Come from Surigao Del SOAR...

Surigao Del Sur Can be reached through Air and Land.

Below are Recommended Tranportation Options

Air: 45 minute flight from Cebu-Mactan International Airport
Air Flight Frequency: 3 Times a Week, Monday/Wednesday/Friday
Airline Company: Cebu Pacific Air

Land: Bachelor (Vallacar Transit), Van for Hirete: Land Transportation is available to all Major Cities in Mindanao.