Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Building Blocks of Partnership

Building Blocks of Partnership

Being an environmental advocate moving towards being an environmentalist, doesn't necessarily mean you are focusing on one goal. Man has so many capacities, it is all about how you manage your time to tap all of your potentials. The only guiding principle you have is to always go back to why are you doing this in the first place - in this case that is for the Negros Biodiversity, Ecosystem, and Environment.

Building partnership who is one in understanding that the protection of the environment is very vital to everybody's core values whether it is personal take or business take.

Being a blogger, environmental advocate, backpacker, and a pure ball of energy made me realize I am presented with wide array of connections that could help this province be on track in protecting its very important resource, THE NEGROS ISLAND Biodiversity, Ecosystem, and Environment.

Thank you Association of Negros Producers, Tour Guides, Provincial Tourism Office of Negros Occidental, Negros Bloggers, and to all who is one in this advocacy and stand on protecting this Island we call Home.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Negros Organic Festival 2013

Negros Organic Festival

Negros Occidental have gone a long way to promote wellness and living a testament of what good life is about. This is all due to one fact and need - Negros needs to do away from being a Monocrop Economy. That is why Negros is Sugar and most definitely More...

Together with Negros Oriental, the Island is starting to flex its muscle. Something very familiar is brewing in Negros, something that once dominated by Sugar is starting to show its color.

Enhancing the base economy which is Agriculture, diversification is just one key to ensure sustainability. Other key players are plenty. You have the Biomass, Solar, Wind, and Hydro for Energy. Geothermal Energy has been around Negros Island it is renewable, but Negrense being a people who learned from its Sugar Industry that destroying the Forest is like killing yourself - the Negrense is more sensitive to what is left of the once very flourishing heritage of flora and fauna. Though the island have several Volcanoes, Negrense cannot afford to destroy the remainder of what is left. It is non-negotiable.

This very Forest Cover is essential to maintain the watershed that supplies water to the irrigation system and river systems of Negros. Systems that is essential to water use from drinking water to water utilization for industries. The forest cover is also essential to maintain pristine water habitats which became the basis of the Province of Negros Occidental Eco-Tourism and Agri-Tourism initiatives.

I will be posting the photo's later..

Monday, September 30, 2013

SM Prestige

SM Prestige

I was invited to attend a supposedly a lifestyle/fashion bloggers event. It came across to my mind. Sure why not. So I am on my way of attending to what I do everyday. I realize that every week, I would spend time in SM, either to relax or just a hunch laugh time with friends. It only meant one thing. SM became a part of a Negrense Everyday Life. 

We are discussing about as to why is it in a very short span, SM is willing to expand for Negros. Well lets talk about numbers.

Bacolod :

BDO Sapphire and Diamond Members as of May 2013  - 1,191 members
Prestige as of May 2013 -  6,129 members
SMAC as of May 2013 - 114,736 members

Negrense Says NO to GMO

Negrense Says NO to GMO!!!

Green Alert Negros celebrates Panaad Festival 2013 in Negros Occidental, with an exhibit promoting the drive against Genetically Modified Organisms. A lot of Genetically Modified Crops are dispersed in the market and the Public virtually does not know about it. What the public may have known is that these GM crops is for food production (the only argument GM promoters would like to discuss), but not food safety. 

The Documentary below discusses Genetically Modified Food in America, Credits to: DocumentaryLovers; Mike Adams and the makers of this Documentary.

We do not want this to happen or get worse here in the Philippines. They are planning to introduce Golden Rice, banned in China, Countries in Europe that Bans GMO, and other Countries around the world that Bans Genetically Modified Food. Here in the Philippines Negros Occidental pioneered this such ban, by creating a Provincial Ordinance No. 07 Series of 2007 - The Safeguard Against Genetically Modified Organisms; so is the Province of Bohol. 

Island Hopper went to Island Spoon

Spoonful Worthy

When I go to Island Spoon, normally it is just a chill out place with friends or office colleagues. Never crossed in my mind that the actual dining experience is brought to a whole new level. Dining recently gave my coleagues and I a different perspective on how dinner can be enjoyed right after. Then leftover's can be brought home, now you have the options to bring it to the music lounges and have them as beer-match. Especially the scrumptious Deep Fried Chicken... 

They have new items to enjoy - Lechon Sisig, Brownies topped with Icecream, Dinugu-an, and many more.

Once again, I will let the picture speak for themselves.