Sunday, April 29, 2012

Showtime Inter-Town Champion

Bacolod Masskara Festival


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Talisay City, Negros Occidental --- The place where the Lizares Family Rule them all.

Talisay City, Minulu-an for the old name. Very nice place. I find it as the city where its sole purpose is to provide simple, quite, and adventurous living. 

This City is so Vibrant in History and Culture. So much of it that one would wonder, why is it the articles that speaks the identity of this city is so few. One answer, HUMILITY.

Few knew the humble beginnings of Talisay City. This is a City where the Lizares Rule. The Hardworking Lizares I would say. The Family have so much to offer this side of the Country, and now they are in partnership of some sort with the Ayala's. Something they have in common, giving life all the best the world can provide and yet living it simply. Quiet and Surreal.
Simplicio Lizares Mansion- Talisay City, one of the many Lizares Mansions in Metro Bacolod

Negros has more Mansions of Sugar Barons than any place I have known, well preserved.

Enrica Alunan Lizares Mansion, commonly known as Tana Dicang Mansion

During the times where Presidents would ask Tana Dicang for advice. Take note: they have to travel to Talisay City Negros Occidental to have her audience.
Here are some of the pictures I would like to share. Ask me if you wish to see more.

The Family Picture
Anyway, apart from this I went to this very romantic Place. Here is the name of the place, as shown in the picture below.

I am just awed to see the place. So Peaceful and veeeery Romantic. Let the Pictures Define what I would like to say.