Friday, July 20, 2012

Campuestuhan Highlands Resort

Campuestuhan Highlands Resort: Smacked in Between the Best of Man and Nature.

When asked about Campuestuhan Highlands Resort, one would say in wonder, "Where is that Located?!!!" I myself have been to Campuestuhan before but it's to Climb to Tinagong Dagat, this one is a Resort! I never heard of it until a Photo was posted in . I happily browsed the web in search of the resorts whereabout. Then, like a gift from God, behold I found it. Inside Ricardo "Tito Cano Gwapo" Tan's Facebook Page. 

This Sweet Spot of Negros is Located in between Talisay City and Bacolod City areas of Jurisdiction. The Place is just below the Clouds.  To the west you have the VIEW, it is Majestic. Almost Half of Negros Occidental, Guimaras Island, and Almost the entirety of the Island of Panay. Facing the East, you have the Old Growth Forest of Northern Negros National Park Forest Reserve and the Clouds that acts like a curtain, on a clear day, early morning its like a show being unfold by his Gracious Creator. The North is Bounded by a view of Victorias City (NE), and the town of Manapla( 44.7 km from Bacolod City) partially hidden behind the mountain slopes of Mt. Silay. To the South is the View of Murcia and almost the whole sourthern Negros Occidental upto the Town of Cauayan (120 km from Bacolod City). The Temperature is Cold 10-17 degrees Celsius -24 Hours!!! Every now and then the Clouds would pass and teh whole area will be covered with its cool mist, Visibility is very low, at Noon Everything is a silhouette.  It is Smacked in between, like a Sandwhich of Awesome Goodness, it like the dessert Napoleones for a Resort.

I have been to many places in the Philippines and only here in my Beloved Province you can have this View!!! I wish the owners would install Coin Operated Telescopes if the View Deck is Done.

Talking about the Amenities, the Resort is on its Construction Phase, more or less 40% is done, but golly the resort is Luxurious in the quality of its facilities, World Class. When it is done, its a resort like no other. Zip Lines will be installed, three layer View Deck, a Campsite, Cottages that looks like an Igloo, at times it looks like an Onion too, speaking of ORGANIC farming. The Concept is very Awesome. They have a Pool with three Dolphin structures, the Pool Showers is attached to a tree inspired water facility. The Shower Rooms reminded me of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. They have a playground for the Kids, and my Oh my, if you are a kid, its like owning a Castle in the Sky.

The Cabin is very luxurious too. The rooms are very neat, reminded me of Log Cabins in Pennsylvania. Four Rooms in the second level, three Big Rooms in the first Level. The Veranda gives you the awesome view of the whole resort and of course the plains and the mountains.

"Ang Sinugba Restaurant" will be revived here. It is under construction, and thats a big open restaurant. Once it is done, the whole place will be teemed by activities.

The Resort is a 25-35 minutes trip. If you are to commute you can ply the Alangilan Jeep in Burgos Public Market, Fare is like P20. Then hire Tricycle going to the Resort, just say: Kay Tito Cano Gwapo ah", They charge P150-P200 for the trip, for a reason, it is bumpy, and about 3KM from the concrete paved road is rough journey going up, about 3km, you can request to only stop at the junction and start to walk (best advise only for backpackers like me). It was suggested that the resort should have a transportation accommodation that could bring guests up to the resort, a Multi Cab or bigger than that will do to accommodate tourists. I think if a fair fare will be established from the pick up point in Lopues East, will do much of a favor for the commuting public. Until the roads are done (Mayor Bing or Congressman Golez, lets work together with Mayor Eric - wohoo tokayo, lol, and Congressman Albee to develop the roads in this part of the Metro).

Another thing, it's a treat to be the first Guest to stay overnight. Wohoooooo!!!!!

To Mr. and Mrs. Tan, thank you for the warm Hospitality. You made me Prouder being a Negrense. Keep it up.

*For reservations and inquiries contact us at 09152111406, 4333335 thank you.

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