Friday, April 24, 2015

The Mindanao Adventure

The Mindanao Adventure

I will engage in a mission in Mindanao Island. Specifically to the area that face the Pacific Ocean and the brunt of our ever changing climate.

New adventure for Hijo, and this is moving towards reaching out and make a difference.

Travelling from Negros Occidental to Manila, then to Davao City then Tagum City to Tandag City, Surigao Del Sur last March 2015 reminds me of good old days jaunts and journeys. Looking to the road going to Surigao del Sur at the back of my mind I am saying, this Province is on the right track. Roads are very essential to the logistical and economic activities of any location.

Anyway, I am very excited for the fact that this is a budding province where great potentials can happen, laidback yet willing to move forward (much like home Negros). We can only guess as when would this happen, it would really depend on what kind of development the people of Surigao Del Sur would want. We can all hope for a climate resilient options. As to what are those, we will be finding that out.

I am here to work in partnership with the Local Government in building resiliency. Building Resiliency- BIG WORDS!!! This is a big task, my stay here will be in four years(hopefully) and many things can happen in four years, with the constant threat from our ever changing climate and the challenges of inclusive growth and the external pressures of the world economy, this province would need all necessary effort and cooperation from within to keep up and definitely move as resilient.

Anyway, just enjoy the photo's of Surigao Del Sur below. I hope this would help my fellow bloggers and you my audience to go here and pay this blessed province a visit.

Surfing along Tandag City's waves

Cagwait Beach

Rice Fields at Municipality of Cagwait

Beach in Tandag

Truly yours...