Saturday, May 12, 2012

Don Salvador Benedicto - a Melting Pot

Don Salvador Benedicto - a Melting Pot

Just enjoyed the Pasalamat Festival of La Carlota and Hinugyaw sa Hinigaran, your Hijo decided to take a rest in the cool town of Don Salvador Benedicto.

Took a Ceres bus from Bacolod after lunch. Then stopped at La Vista Highland Resort - this resort is really getting somewhere. Cant wait to see what it will become. Mountain Side Residences. Whew so hot. They have this 750 meters Zipline!!! I will try that next time. Off to stroll.

Enjoy the sites and be surprised why this town is becoming a hit to Backpackers and Tourists.

La Vista Highland Resort.

The Looooooooong Stroll, hehehehe

Hey, whats this??? Chocolate Hills???!!! What a Site.

They are like Kisses waiting to be munched up.

This little pig is a free range one. Whats fun about this is that, it knows how to cross the highway. hahahaha amazing.

Father Ares Farm Resort. Entrance is P25/person, Overnight stay P500/per group- whatever the number of the group is. I just brought a tent with me.

19 degrees Celsius this picture was taken around 8:00 PM
16 degrees Celsius, 5:00AM