Friday, May 11, 2012

Hinigaran - Layaw sang Hijo de Pongol

Hinigaran - Layaw sang Hijo de Pongol

This is my birthplace. My comfy zone. The feeling is the same when you lie on our bed with you favorite pillow. This is what I feel when I arrive in Hinigaran.

Hinigaran has a rich heritage, from the affluence of the Negrenses to the influx of Sacada's from Panay who decided to stay here. I am brought up with different faces of reality, with the coverage of different family ties in this surreal place I call home.

I would start with the early morning stroll at Hinigaran Bridge. It's a WOW. The place is still romantic, the same aura from the last time I spent a morning in this place. The smell of fresh air accompanied by a breeze with the fresh morning scent of the sea and the river, the chirp of the birds along the Mangroves, the sound of the fishermen chatting in the morning and check their prized product which is OYSTERS.

From there, my feet started to guide me to the places that marked many memories of childhood :games, fun, barangay hopping after school - classmates and I would get one tricycle - imagine a tricycle packed with 10 or so kids, and each one lives somewhere in the town and should be accomodated by the driver to be brought home. Making the last person see all the goodies around the town. I always end up 2nd or third to the last.

Ahhhhh, life. This is how I envisioned my life. To enjoy every bit of it. Its fun and refreshing. and its our Town Fiesta, Hinugyaw sa Hinigaran ( Celebration in Hinigaran ), to Celebrate the 244th Founding Anniversary and the Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene.

Pictures Below are the Pictures taken during the day upto the Street Parade, I was not able to cover the Kapamilya Show because I spent a very long siesta, geeesh.

So here are the pictures of the whole ONE DAY experience, enjoy. From the Oyster Farms, Mangroves, Fish Pens, MILAS delicacies, the Fiesta, etc.

The Pictures below are just within the span of Rizal Street in the Poblacion Area from Brgy. 1 to 4. Next Time I will cover the other parts of the town.

Hinigaran is a First Class Town and the richest town in Western Visayas, so far. 

The Ceres Terminal, very Modern and looks Handsome too.

Old Spanish Garrison Barracks, now made into a Store

Jacinto Street, one of the Oldest Street in Hinigaran. Named After the Three Martyr's, the Other two are ofcourse, Burgos and Zamora.

Canlaon Volcano as seen from the Yulo Estate.

Oysters, Fresh and tasty.

During the Commonwealth Era, Hinigaran is already a First Class Town.

This is Mila's Potato Cake, as in manamit (delicious)!!!