Thursday, May 23, 2013

WAMBA's ~ "How does it Taste to be an Alonso?"

 WAMBA's ~ "How does it Taste to be an Alonso?"

Now we are talking about food out from Mama's magical hands and witty cooking skills. This is pretty much being shared amongst Negrenses, who happen to live a life in a house or a compound, with many members to feed. As how it is described by Fini Alonso, it would all start with somethiong like this (I am sure you can relate to this), "My Mother used to..." or "My Mother would..." then the details of how the food is made, the experience of long hours of pain stakingly checking the heat and the spice and everything nice.

Moving forward... hehehehe. Each bite is a splurge of memories rushing in me. Memories that would bring me back to my Grandmother's Kitchen, my Uncle's BeerMatch Cooking, etc. Sure this restaurant is not an ordinary restaurant, it has it magic with the food they serve. I think passion for the love of good food has something to do with it.

Here are the pictures of our "little" encounter,  with Glady, Sigrid, and Dennis. Ofcourse with our Host - Fini. I Enjoyed the Food, Memory Trail I would say... Thank you...

Three Kinds of Chorizo - I Highly Recommend this.

Corned Beef Steak - Yummy. I recommend this too.

Hmmmmmm, Where to Start????? I am going Crazy!!!

Maringue and Custard..... NAMIT2x

Rice and Milk... Kagulutom!!!