Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bacolod City, Oh! Sweet Smile of Mine!!!

Two San Parq at night.
I am travelling for quiet some time, only now that I decided to make a documentation of it and share it to those who would like to know places. First Stop ---- BACOLOD CITY!!!

The City of Bacolod is a city full of surprises in Western Visayas. Some may come to ask what culture does Bacolod or Negros have? Well first it is a Highly Urbanized City in the Philippines that is built by a simple grass called SUGARCANE. Just like the rest of Negros Occidental, one cannot help but associate themselves with this grass, its part of the Negrense gene.

One can only describe what Sugar have brought Bacolod City in several categories.
First would be the jobs that Sugar Centrals brought, a lot were needed to be employed that Negros have to source workers from Panay Island and other nearby provinces.
Second would be the famed lifestyle, Hacienderos and Hacienderas, Fairytale for some, reality for Bacolod.
Third would be the Arts, from Houses to Government Offices. Old and New, the arts are always in the hearts of the Negrenses. Preservation of these work of arts is something very evident in Bacolod ( well much for another city of Negros, Silay, I would say Bacolod have a score of goodlooking houses old and New). La Consolacion College houses the School of Fine Arts and Architecture, one of the Country's Best.
Lastly would be the Food. Gosh, its part of art as well, but this time the Culinary feat is not only accomplished in how it should be presented and cooked, but how it is consumed as well. You would wish you have spare space in your stomach as demanded by your palate to accommodate an array of Good Food.

Old Pala-Pala

B1 Korean Restaurant

Central City Walk, Robinson's Place Bacolod
Bacolod City is the Largest City in Western Visayas, still there are more rooms to spare for more developments. The City have a City Center ( Downtown Area - Old Business District ), Commercial Districts are along Lacson Street ( golly, streets here are so wide that they are like avenues of other places ) , Araneta Street (Another Street named after one of the opulent Family of Negros), Burgos Street upto the Eastside Area of the City), Bacolod Shopping Area ( Chinese Community ), and Libertad Area. Homes are mostly located in the City Suburbia, one I noticed in the City is that there are a lot of Subdivisions, I mean a Lot. Most People prefer to live quietly in their individual heaven, somewhere far from the City Commercial areas. 

Bacolod City Glows at Night as the City Food and Commercial Establishments accomodates the  ever moving Call Center Agents and Bacolod /Negrense Public.

Part of Lacson Street

The City as seen from Bredco Port Cockpit Area.


Bacolod Sunset

Bacolod City is still growing at this rate where a lot of construction is going on and buzzed around the city. As shown by the pictures below.

Unamed Building in Bacolod Shopping Area.

Two San Parq - Tallest Building in Western Visayas to date.