Monday, October 22, 2012

Masskara Festival 2012

MASSKARA: The Overwhelming Endurance of a Simple Smile

This a Festival like no other in the Philippines, one dominant and very obvious is that it does not have any Religious Connection. This Festival is the festival of life, of positive outlook, of moving on, and of self-worth. It is also the time when all people of different walks of life would celebrate thanksgiving and praises to Lord God for the Blessings.

It is understood that when you ask about Chicken Inasal and Masskara, Bacolod City would pop in mind. This is to showcase how powerful a smile can really be. The festival that is truly Filipino, this festival is to show how happy we are as a people, how resilient we are as country, how passionate we are despite of misgivings.

Below are the Pictures that define this Negrense Festival.

Welcome to Bacolod Masskara.

Pwerte nga trip...

Look how Lola is enjoying the view...

These Pictures is not a showcase of the Festival Yet....
Photos will be posted in a short while...

Life is indeed Good here in Bacolod City,  The Most Liveable City in the Philippines.
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