Saturday, April 6, 2013

And they brought Saigon to Bacolod City ~ Saigon Cafe

And they brought Saigon to Bacolod City ~

Saigon Cafe

The universal language for "My Tummy's Full" is ~ Buuuuurrrp! Crackling Sound of Satisfaction. Amazing Food, my palate is rushing a lot of hormones to my veins telling me, have some more!!!

The food is really Great!!! Food serving is generous enough for me. The bowl can make your lips smack, its almost make you say "I've been to Hanoi!"

With Affordable Rates, Organic Ingredients (being true to Negros Advocacy for Organic Food), and a Stomach to Fill. Saigon Cafe brings you to Vietnam with the touch of that Negrense Stomach saying, "Cho tình yêu của Good Food, Negrense phong cách! - For the love of Good Food, Negrense Style!".

Enjoy the Photo's:

First Meal.. Pho Bo - Beef Rice Noodle Soup Dish

Next is Bun Thit Nuoung - Grilled Pork with Rice Noodles

Chaca Hanoi - Grilled/Fried Fish with Rice Salad + Rice Wrap
~Challenging and Very Yummy!!!

- You have to dip the Rice Wrap in cold water ( better have a pasta plate to use for dipping challenge ), do not soak the wrap to long or else it would break and soil the purpose of being a wrap.
- You have to be quick on what you need to put in, my technique is to dip the tossed spiced and prepared noodles into the fish sauce on the side, then place it in the middle of the water dipped wrap, then get a little Cream Dory fish, then the herbs and spices you want.
- Start Wrapping, then Dip the wrapped Do-it-Yourself into the fish sauce, and give yourself a Mouthful!!!

Balut in Sweet Chilli Sauce- Lingaw2x ya eh..

Next is the Vietnamese Iced Coffee!!!! Namit2x!!!

And Sylvia had one more dish she wants us to try, lol Surprise!!!
Roasted Pork Belly

Whew, these selections are just a few of what they have in their menu list.

To go there, the Map Below would be your guide.

Thank You Toto and Sylvia for the warmest foodtrip ever!!! I like how the Garden Cafe is set up. You have to find it really, Looking for Good Food is like a Treasure Hunting Adventure... That will definitely drive a lot of people to look for this piece of Vietnam in Bacolod City.

To my fellows, Andrew and JayP ~ Busog2x ya eh... Till Next time. 

- For reservations you can call 034 708 9036, Store Hours 4PM-11PM, Highly Recommended by Rick Remus...