Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saigon, Saigon I did Return

Saigon Cafe : Say-Gone-Food-Gone-Tummy-Full

My taste buds and I, have the same exact instinct, I do not know why! hahaha as if. Wherever Good food is, surely my tongue would wanted more and definitely I cannot say no. I am a slave of my own doing!!! hahaha!!! AND I am not Complaining At All!!!

I may have the difficulty of remembering the names of the food I had eaten. As a food Lover all I can say is, "If you are hungry, never be picky; If the food is good, sugod lang ng sugod!!!"

Andrew and Sylvia, you just made me tummy missing your good food again. I am blaming you two for this, hahahaha. Imagine in just 6 days, I went back, and brought some, eat some, and would want more!!!

Dont blame me if many will follow my lead. It is just so good, I cant deny that FACT!!!

Com Chien

Thai Red Pork Curry

Nasi Ayam

Bo Kho

Bun Tith Nuong Meet Buntit Sig Rid...

Chaca Hanoi

Bun Tith Nuong

Till Next Time!!!

Enjoy everybody...
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